Why do we need to drink Water?

Why do we need to drink water

  1. Water is the substance of life. Life cannot exist without Water. We must constantly be adding fresh water to our body in order to keep it properly hydrated.
  2. The body is comprised of over 70% water.This ratio must be maintained for good health. Water is the most important thing we can put inside our bodies.
  3. It is difficult for the body to get water from any other source than water itself. Soft drinks and alcohol steal tremendous amounts of water from the body, however, even other beverages such as coffee, milk and juice require water from the body to be properly digested.
  4. Water plays a vital role in nearly every bodily function.
  5. Water is essential for proper digestion, nutrient absorbtion and chemical reactions.
  6. Water is essential for proper circulation in the body, and flexibility of the blood vessels.
  7. Water helps remove toxins (acidic waste) from the body, in particular from the digestive tract.
  8. Water regulates your body’s temperature, imagine a car running without water in the radiator.
  9. Consistent failure to drink enough water can lead to Chronic Cellular Dehydration. This condition where the body’s cells do not get hydrated enough leaving them in a weakened state, and vulnerable to disease processes. It weakens the body’s overall immune system and leads to chemical, nutritional and pH imbalances.
  10. Dehydration can occur at any time of the year,not only during the summer months when it is hot. The dryness that occurs during winter can dehydrate the body quicker than when it is hot, one of the main causes being central heating and a dry atmosphere in the home. The other being not drinking enough water. Many diseases such as Cholera are caused primarily through dehydration.

General Rule: You should drink half your body weight in ounces of water every day to provide your body with its MINIMUM water replacement requirements as long as you are reasonably fit. Otherwise start by sipping the water and gradually build up.


The body’s water content is approximately 45 litres.
Our daily consumption of water is approximately 2.4 litres.
The Blood Plasma (Main body component) is approximately 92% water.
The Human Foetus (our growing physical vehicle) is approximately 90% water.
The Blood (life fluid and Nutrient conveyor) can be up to 90% water.
The Human Brain Cells (Intellect, Creativity, Behaviour) are approximately 85% water.
The Kidneys (Fluid processors and purifiers) are approximately 82% water
The Muscles (Prime movers of the body) have an average of 75% water
The Body (our abode on Earth) is approximately 71% water
The Liver (Metabolism and Detoxifying) is approximately 69% water.
The Bones (Structural Support System) are approximately 22% water
The Body’s Cells and Fluids (basis for growth and Development) are MAINLY WATER
Mother   Ganga

So if we get the water pH and content something like then we have a good foundation for nurturing healthy cells etc.
Do you REALLY expect to be healthy with these chemicals in your drinking water?

It is vital to have healthy “LIVING WATER” to sustain us, as our bodies consist of over 70% water. Water is more than just the chemical symbol for H2O.

It is the key to LIFE.

Be Sure of what you drink, and filter you water!


  1. says

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    I like to Thnks to you about article which very very usefull

  2. says

    Wow, i really now thing its is very impotant to dring warter. i am dringing the watre rite now it tastes very bad thogh. wat can i do to make warter nice. i yousually just dring my own urine and suck the milk from my familys cow

  3. Maya says

    Hi ! Very Interesting and Informative . Thank U . Drinking a glass of water before taking bath helps lower Blood Pressure and one glass of water at night before popping into bed will prevent stroke or Heart attack .

  4. Rahul says

    Hi! i met a nutrition Dr who and i have a query on that. she advices a diet of fruit in the morning till morning 12 a hour later vegetable juice, then 1 hr later lunch consisting of lots of salad and fresh veggies steamed etc. after an hour of this vegetable juice again then 2 hrs later fruit again. then a hour or two later dinner which is same as lunch. she says no to rice , sugar, brown bread , white bread, one thing is that she says no water , this thing puzzled me as i was doing watercure and following it , i am still not sure if she right on the water part. what do you think? or is she saying no water because the diet of fruits and veggies etc will make up for the no water intake.? can you pls write back and advice me pls. thanks in advance.

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