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How Can I Earn My Tuition Fees In The US In A Year?

The costs of education in the US have been soaring year by year. The trend has left many students struggling to meet the required fees, some of them opting to drop out of school.  It’s a serious problem that has drawn the attention of many celebrities like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, quite a significant number of them using their money to pay university tuition fees for some needy students.

However, let’s face it; despite such noble efforts, there are very many students who have nobody to look up to cater for their educational costs expenses fully.  Perhaps you are here because you are one of those students. You don’t know where to start from to earn your tuition fees. Do you know there are people who were in your current situation but defied all odds to become icons?   We’ll help you borrow a leaf from them and implement some of the ways they used to earn your tuition fees in just a year.  Without much ado, let’s have a look at these ways:

 Ways students in the US can earn tuition fees in a year?

  • Grants

Many colleges and universities offer education grants to their needy students. States and the federal government also have grants that are particularly tailored to cater for the education needs of students who can’t raise their college and university fees comprehensively. Unlike student loans, grants don’t require repayment. Once you are awarded a grant, no one will ask you to pay it back. No wonder this is one of the most popular and valuable ways of raising education tuition fees. 


The U.S grants apply to international as well as the local students.  Besides, there are many types of grants targeting different groups such as females, students in certain disciplining, the disabled and students from families within certain income groups (mostly low income). So, you might find yourself qualifying to more than one grant. Therefore, do some research to find those which you qualify and apply. Ensure that you submit all the requirements and fill in the necessary forms diligently. If you are stuck somewhere in your application, you can seek help from a knowledgeable person.  There are many grant application experts online; you can seek their services to ensure that you submit a perfect application.

  • Work-study program

The other way of raising your tuition fees is by working as you study within your learning institution. Some colleges and universities have student work programs to help their students earn some money while still studying. Mostly, the money that a student’s earns from such programs goes directly to his/her school account. Depending on your institution, you can be allowed to withdraw part of the money you’ve earned from such a program. However,  in some cases, the money can’t be withdrawn.  Whichever the case, such programs are very beneficial to a student who wants to raise money for tuition fee.  You can check if your learning institution has a work-study program and if they do and you are eligible, go ahead and apply for it.

Besides being an avenue to earn money toward your education, a work-study program can help you to develop important life skills which you’ll use and benefit from while in school and even after completing your studies.  If you are lucky to be assigned a position within your field of study, it’ll be a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience.  Better still, the exposure gives you a golden chance to create and build connections with faculty and staff members.  The connections can be very helpful as you shape your future career.  Although the money you’ll earn from the program might not be enough to cater for your tuition fee fully, it’ll cover a significant part of the required amount.

  • External part-time job

In case you aren’t eligible for work-study, that should not be the end of the road.  You can look for another job that you can do when you are not in class.  For instance, you can look for online jobs for college students.  From tutoring and dog walking to virtual office assistants, there many online jobs that a student can qualify. Head to websites like Fiverr, Upwork, QuadJobs and WayUp and search for jobs which can do when you aren’t in class.

  • Apply for private scholarships

From non-profit organizations to community groups, sources of private scholarships are many. Possibly your school has one too; just ask around to confirm. Also, search online for the scholarships for which you might be eligible. Relevant platforms like Scholly and NextGenVest could be of great help.

scholoarship application
  • Crowdfunding

Another way is to request people to fund your education through the internet through crowdfunding sites such as Gofundme. These sites reach a large number of people and a small amount of donation from each can go a long way to offsetting your tuition fees. Some crowdfunding sites such as Gofundme are donation-based while others are loan-based. Try the former first because the money you’ll get from such sites is non-repayable.

  • Student loan

Have you already applied for scholarships, grants, work-study program or part-time jobs in vain? Or is the amount you’re getting from the avenues insufficient for your tuition fees? Don’t worry; you can look for a student loan. Let loan this be the last option though because the money you’ll be given won’t be for free; you are required to pay it back with time. 

You can get the loan from the federal government or a private lender if you meet their requirements. However, the former is better than the latter because its interest is lower and offers more borrower protections. The advantage of a student loan is that it is not issued on the basis of the income level of the applicant. As long as you have successfully submitted the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) form, you should be able to borrow. Alternatively, you can ask your parents to apply for you a student loan known as PLUS loan. This loan allows parents to borrow for their children’s college fees.

Just like any other loan, student loans have limits, depending on the different financial needs of the applicants. You can get a financial aid award letter from your school, college or university to know the amount of the loan you are allowed to borrow in a year.

Having explored all or some of the above avenues, you should be able to fully raise your tuition fees within a year.