Healing  Cancer Naturally
Healing Cancer Naturally

A very extensive site offering extensive Self-Health tools with particular focus on alternative cancer therapies and cures. Aiming to provide an all-round holistic healing and health maintenance approach and thus of interest to anyone interested in natural health care, it covers natural cancer therapies with high success rates, the impact of emotions, thoughts, spirituality (incl. “karmic” aspects) and “life energy” on disease development and healing, spontaneous remissions, energetic studies into cancer (sounds, “aura”, “Chi” etc.), geopathic stress and cancer, cancer causes, the history of the cancer industry, juicers, nutrition, detoxification, the healing power of nature, as well as many tools for healing through the power of your mind such as affirmations, visualization, guided imagery etc. It also features detailed reasons why alternative cancer treatment may be vastly preferable over the conventional approach. Packed with amazing real-life healing stories, it also includes over 10 MB of cancer therapy and healing information in zip format for download as well as much other vital and hard-to-find healing-related information. Also features guides and books on alternative cancer therapy. Highly recommended for anyone with a cancer diagnosis or just interested in natural health maintenance.

Educating instead of medicating!

Water  CureGlobal Health Solutions, GHS, a worldwide publishing house, founded and developed by F. Batmagnhelidj, M.D., the world’s foremost medical researcher on the medical properties of water, is a center of education for those who prefer to adhere to the logic of the natural and the simple in medicine.

The Truth Campaign

The Truth Campaign was set up in 1996 by Ivan Fraser as a way to make available information which main stream sources tend to suppress. As human beings we have an infinite capacity for Love and Creation, but only when presented with the complete picture and all the facts – THE TRUTH – can we make the choices required for our spiritual evolution. Cutting edge information drawn from a variety of sources, including Ivan’s own research, is circulated via the quarterly magazine.

Pams Helpline

For information on Dental Amalgams, Symptoms, and Chemical Allergies visit Pams Helpline at

Matthew Armstrong - Health and Nutitional CoachingMatthew Armstrong is a world renowned life coach and public speaker, helping clients to achieve any result in their life that they are committed to getting. Through Matthew’s Health and Nutritional coaching, you can regain your health and live a life of energy and vitality. Matthew offers one-on-one coaching over the phone, incorporating NLP, Time Line Therapy, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), and Nutritional Coaching based on your individual needs. For information, or to book an appointment, please visit