Cayenne Pepper

The best healing stimulant in herbal medicine..

Cayenne Pepper for healingCAYENNE PEPPER is a stimulant. It improves circulation and purifies the blood. It is Anti bacterial, promotes healing and prevents infection.

Scientific evidence indicates that Cayenne pepper is useful for healing in common colds and flu, heart disease, yellow fever, gangrene and cancer.

It is good for the kidneys, spleen, pancreas, lungs and heart.

Cayenne also helps other herbs to work more effectively when taken at the same time.

CAYENNE PEPPER is known to normalize blood pressure and stop internal and external bleeding. It lowers cholesterol and is useful for people with poor circulation.

DISEASE is caused by poor circulation or lack of fresh blood to the affected area. CAYENNE can ward off disease by helping blood circulation.

CAYENNE PEPPER should not be taken in capsule form. Much of the healing starts in the mouth. As cayenne touches the tongue it sends signals along nerve endings, sending new blood to the parts’ of your body, which are sick, thereby promoting healing.

CAYENNE PEPPER comes in many different forms but hottest is best. See end for list of peppers and heat scale.

CAYENNE PEPPER has been used in treatment for health conditions such as:-
Angina – heart pains, Arthritis, Asthma, Atherosclerosis, Bleeding gums, Blood clots, Bowel diseases, bruises, cancer, colds, flu, heart failure, diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, duodenal ulcers, elevated cholesterol, elevated triglycerides, fatigue, food poisoning, free radical activity, frost bite, frozen limbs, headaches, head congestion, heart arrhythmias, heart attack, heart disease, heatstroke, haemorrhaging, herpes zoster, hypertension, impotence, indigestion, influenza, itching, lumbago, motion sickness, mouth sores, multiple sclerosis, nerve inflammation, neuralgia, night blindness, obesity, pain, peptic ulcer, poor appetite, psoriasis, respiration disorders, shingles, stomach ulcers, toothache. Etc.


Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Alkaloids known as Capsaicin are the constituents of Capsicum/ Cayenne pepper.

The University of Arizona Cancer Centre reported that the results of a study they had conducted showed that Vitamin A reduced cancerous lesions of the mouth. It may also help people with oral or oesophageal cancer caused by excessive tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking.

Vitamin A is needed for good vision. It helps to create visual purple with is needed for night vision.

Vitamin A heals inflammation of the eyes, smoothes rough skin, and clears acne. It helps to reduce wrinkles and heals wounds. Strengthens bones and teeth and is good for the lungs.

Vitamin A is the most potent killer of free radicals, especially one called singlet oxygen that causes the aging of cells. It also heals disorders of the stomach lining. E.g. Ulcers.

Vitamin C helps to clear blood clots in veins. Helps to prevent heart disease by eliminating plaque from the arteries. Helps to heal wounds. Helps to prevent colds

It is not advisable to take huge doses of Vitamin A. So buying and taking supplements of Vitamin A is not recommended.

CAPSAICIN is what causes burning sensation. It also causes the brain to activate the salivary glands and endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. These endorphins give us a feeling of pleasure. In time our tolerance of chilli heat increases and we are able to take more.

CAPSICIN is the main ingredient in some pain killing creams. For pain relief from Arthritis, and Diabetes nerve damage. It is also an anti oxidant which helps to stop cancer cell growth. Studies have shown that Capsaicin found in chilli peppers causes tumour cells to die by starving them of oxygen.

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  1. says

    I need a specific instruction on how to use cayenne pepper, i have been on it for the past two months, my angina, and leg pain seems not to subside.

    I am on atenolol 50gm per day.

  2. says

    What is the best way to treat angina with cayenne pepper, i have been on it for two weeks now yet no improvement.

    I take 50gm of atenolol daily.


  3. Abraham Asere says

    Is cayenne pepper available in Nigeria? If it is where and how may I get it?
    Thanks a bundle.

  4. Dionisio Baring says

    What is the best way to treat angina with cayenne pepper, i have been on it for eight months now yet no improvement.

  5. Dionisio Baring says

    I need to reat my heart disease called angina or chest pain. I used four each fresh fruits and put into a cup of hot water and squeezed. After squeezing to get capsaicine, I removed all the seeds and fruits using a strainer and drink with little sugar in it. My angina did not subside.

  6. Humberto Oramas says

    While living in southern Mexico I was introduced to eating fresh fruit with a sprinkling of habanero pepper and salt. The pepper for circulation, the salt to replace sweated out electrolytes. Bananas and potatoes are also important to replenish potassium; if you don’t you get heat cramps. All peppers work; the hotter the better.

  7. Realist says

    It’s a pepper, not a miracle cure. Of course it won’t magically cure your angina or anything else. If it actually worked, doctors would be using it.

  8. morell says

    I was informed by a doctor that cayenne pepper is useful in healing stomach ulcers and can even help during a heart attack when no asprin is available. However the myth that it stops bleeding is a fallacy and a rather dangerous one at that. In reality it achieves the exact opposite effect and works as a blood thinner which prevents blood from clotting.

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