Rainbow vacuum vs dyson

Rainbow vacuum vs dyson

Buying the best vacuum cleaner is not all but the functionality and price. Even though these are very vital when considering buying a vacuum cleaner, you should also look at the various considerations that should be kept in mind before purchasing one. While looking for a vacuum cleaner, you should also know that they exist in different types; this means that you really have to go for the one that you think will probably identify you with maximum benefits. Some of the vacuum cleaners involve Dyson and rainbow vacuum cleaners. These two have a lot of differences and choosing one can be difficult if you may not know the differences between these two. If you find yourself in this situation, then you can take a look at this article and find out the differences in these two vacuum cleaners.

These are two great vacuum cleaners that can help make your cleaning a really easy and fun activity. The two vacuum cleaners have also been tried and tested, and they work in a great way to complete all the tasks they have been posted on.

One of the foremost common features of these vacuum cleaners is that they are both suitable to be used in homes with people who are allergic to dust. The two vacuum cleaners are built to help in extracting and containing an allergen that may include pet hairs. This, therefore, means that if you are looking for the best vacuum cleaners that can help you get rid of pet hairs, then you should consider these two.

They also have cleaning attachments as well as pet hair removals, which make them the most suitable for removing pet hair. With these great additions, you can clearly see why they are some of the best vacuum cleaners you can use to get rid of pet hair and keep your house sparklingly clean.

Dyson provides various vacuum cleaners which are built to help in different ways. The most interesting thing about this is that every vacuum provided by Dyson is only made to perform a single task; specifically; this means that the vacuum is not supposed to do multiple tasks.

When it comes to rainbow vacuums, they are very perfect when it comes to multipurpose. With rainbow vacuum, you can easily change attachments when you want to clean various messes in various areas. It doesn’t matter where the mess is in, and it can be in your home or your car, you can easily clean it with the use of rainbow vacuum, the good thing about it is that it comes with various attachments; this means that you won’t need to buy another cleaning appliance.

The same doesn’t go for Dyson because, with it, you will have to purchase various vacuum cleaners to perform multiple tasks. To clean your car, you will need to get another different vacuum cleaner from the company rather than using the initially purchased vacuum cleaner.

When it comes to price, these two have a huge difference as well, and the price is one of the things that most people would first look at to make a tenor decision. For the rainbow vacuum, you can always get a brand new one from the company at a price of $2000; you can also get a refurbished one from Amazon at a price of $1,228. 99 while as for Dyson, you can get a brand new one on Amazon at $659.99.

When you compare the prices of these two, you will notice that they have a significant difference. But how about keeping into the considerations of the attachments that come along with the rainbow vacuum, this is mainly the reason why it has been highly-priced.

The Dyson available in Amazon comes with an extra tool for car and home cleaning. And these may involve mini motorized tool torque drive, stubborn dirt brush, wand storage clip, crevice tool, soft dusting brush, docking station as well as a charger.

As for rainbow, it states that the vacuum comes with tools for all jobs. These tools may include; crevice tool, floor tool, handheld shampooer, duster brush, upholstery tool, and the refrigerator coil cleaner. Rainbow has attachments as well as accessories that you won’t be able to find in Dyson.

The most significant difference between these two is the water filtration system. And this is only found in the rainbow vacuum, and there is no other vacuum brand with this type of technology apart from a rainbow vacuum. It doesn’t only help in keeping the air clean; it also helps in giving you peace of mind and also provides durability for the system.

When it comes to warranty, a rainbow has a longer motor warranty, and this is up to 5 years, however, when we look at Dyson, you will find that it has a lower warranty period of 2 years.

A rainbow vacuum is among the most powerful vacuums you will ever find in the market. With these high power and tools, this vacuum will not only help you get rid of more deep-seated dirt but will also reduce the time you spend while doing your cleaning. Dyson is a very efficient and very convenient vacuum. It is light; this means that during the cleaning process, you will not experience any back pain.

It comes with an innovative technology which is very suitable for homeowners who are allergic to dust, dirt, and pet hair. It has a motorized brushbar which allows for excellent power delivery.

Your selection will basically depend on your needs and wants. If you are on a budget, it would be great if you go for the Dyson vacuum, if you have allergen problems, then you can also go for Dyson. Well, all of them are good for people with allergy problems; this means that you can choose either of them if you are not in a budget.

When buying a new vacuum, there are various things that should be considered, the ones mentioned in this article are just but a few, they are provided for you to help you analyze and come up with a concrete conclusion on your selection.


Tips To Clean Deep-Pile-Carpets

Deep-pile carpets are not only beautiful but also have a soft and warm feel for maximum feet comfort. However, cleaning these carpets is not always a breeze and that’s why some people are hesitant of having these carpets in their homes or offices.  Some throw away their deep pile carpets after a short period of using them, thanks to poor maintenance which makes the floor covering look messy and older than it should be. 

High pile carpets are more difficult to clean than their low-pile counterparts because their fibers are longer. Therefore, these carpets attract and trap more dust and dirt.

Do you want to extend the lifespan of your deep pile carpet and maintain its integrity? We’ve heard you say “yes.”  Spare a few minutes of your time to read the following tips we’ve compiled to help you clean your carpet the right way for it to remain in good shape.

lifespan carpet
  • On the spot cleaning

If you don’t want to struggle to remove stubborn dirt and stains from the carpet, then make it your habit to clean any spillage on it as soon as it gets into contact with it. Don’t wait to clean up later or wait for somebody to do it later. Once you spill something, be it solid food or drink, on the floor cover clean it immediately and thoroughly. 

Have a clean towel within easy reach. In case, gravy food or drink spills on the carpet, take the towel and press it down against the affected carpet area to absorb the moisture of the contaminant.  By doing so, you’ll be able to contain the spill without making it spread further or stick to the carpet.

Once you are done with containing the spill, spray the spill spot on the carpet with a solution of liquid soap and water. Then wash off the solution using water and leave the area to dry. In case you are dealing with a colored spill, spray some vinegar on the area and rub it gently and carefully to avoid leaving damages on the carpet. 

  • Clean regularly

Due to their vulnerability to dirt and cleaning difficulty, high pile carpets require regular cleaning for them to stay in good shape.  if your high-pile carpet is placed in a high-traffic area like a restaurant or a busy office, ensure that it is vacuumed on a daily basis. If it is in your home’s living room, weekly vacuuming will go a long way to maintain its beauty and neatness. Monthly vacuuming makes sense for a carpet placed in a low traffic place such as home bedrooms.

  • Use the right vacuum cleaner

Vacuuming is very important for a deep-pile carpet but you should do it using just any vacuum cleaner that comes your way if you don’t want to damage or pull out its fibers. There are particular vacuum cleaners like Bissell Crosswave. Check a review for  Pet Pro (2306A),  that are specifically designed to clean such carpets.  

vacuum carpet
  • Vacuum correctly

Before you start to vacuum,  flip over the carpet so that it rests on the floor on its underside. While the carpet is in this position, vacuum the underside by moving the head of the cleaner away from you. If the carpet is moving and the movements are making it difficult for you to vacuum properly, stand on one of the edges of the carpet to keep it in place while vacuuming. This vacuuming helps to loosen the dust, dirt, or debris trapped deep in the carpet.

When you are done with vacuuming of the underside of the carpet, roll it or move it to a clean area and vacuum the floor section it was lying on when you were vacuuming. Then, turn the carpet to its usual way and vacuum it thoroughly,  suctioning out the all dust, dirt, and debris the cleaner can remove. Initially, set the vacuum cleaner to the highest pile setting.

If you find it extremely easy to push across the carpet, adjust the cleaner’s setting down until you feel it has some resistance.  Ideally, when the cleaner is in the appropriate setting, it ought to engage with the carpet fibers and you should see its brush strokes appearing on the carpet pile.

 Ensure that you make multiple passes on the carpet to using the cleaner dislodge and suck all the dirt and grits that are embedded on it. As you make these passes,

  • You can use baking soda as a cleaning agent

Instead of using commercial carpet cleaning detergents, you can opt to use baking soda. Besides being a pocket-friendly option, it is also an effective natural carpet cleaner and adds a sparkling look to a carpet’s pile.  Apply some reasonable amount of baking soda on your carpet and work it in using a stiff brush.

Ensure that you rub it in different directions and exert a reasonable amount of pressure in order to saturate the carpet comprehensively. Leave the baking soda to sit for about 12 hours and then vacuum it up. Your carpet will look more glossy and clean.

steam carpet
  • Regular steaming

Despite regular vacuuming, you might still find your carpet not completely clean. This is because the cleaning method is not always comprehensive. That’s where the steam comes in handy. Steam loosens the deeply embedded dirt and grease that simple cleaning methods can’t remove from the deepest parts of the pile. Besides, steaming exterminates bacteria that can result in bad odors.

You can either use a carpet steamer or a steam mop featuring a carpet attachment for the work. However, even if you have your own steaming equipment, you can consider hiring a carpet cleaning expert after two to three years for deep steam cleaning. 

  • You may need professional help

Vacuuming a deep-pile carpet is thoroughly quite a tedious and laborious task, especially if you are not used to it. if you can afford, you’d rather hire a professional carpet cleaner to clean your carpet instead of doing it by yourself. The expert will know the products that will work best on the carpet and has an efficient and powerful cleaner that will help to get the job done sooner than you expect.

Keep your deep-pile carpet clean and beautiful and extend its lifespan by applying these cleaning tips.

tuition a year

How Can I Earn My Tuition Fees In The US In A Year?

The costs of education in the US have been soaring year by year. The trend has left many students struggling to meet the required fees, some of them opting to drop out of school.  It’s a serious problem that has drawn the attention of many celebrities like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj, quite a significant number of them using their money to pay university tuition fees for some needy students.

However, let’s face it; despite such noble efforts, there are very many students who have nobody to look up to cater for their educational costs expenses fully.  Perhaps you are here because you are one of those students. You don’t know where to start from to earn your tuition fees. Do you know there are people who were in your current situation but defied all odds to become icons?   We’ll help you borrow a leaf from them and implement some of the ways they used to earn your tuition fees in just a year.  Without much ado, let’s have a look at these ways:

 Ways students in the US can earn tuition fees in a year?

  • Grants

Many colleges and universities offer education grants to their needy students. States and the federal government also have grants that are particularly tailored to cater for the education needs of students who can’t raise their college and university fees comprehensively. Unlike student loans, grants don’t require repayment. Once you are awarded a grant, no one will ask you to pay it back. No wonder this is one of the most popular and valuable ways of raising education tuition fees. 


The U.S grants apply to international as well as the local students.  Besides, there are many types of grants targeting different groups such as females, students in certain disciplining, the disabled and students from families within certain income groups (mostly low income). So, you might find yourself qualifying to more than one grant. Therefore, do some research to find those which you qualify and apply. Ensure that you submit all the requirements and fill in the necessary forms diligently. If you are stuck somewhere in your application, you can seek help from a knowledgeable person.  There are many grant application experts online; you can seek their services to ensure that you submit a perfect application.

  • Work-study program

The other way of raising your tuition fees is by working as you study within your learning institution. Some colleges and universities have student work programs to help their students earn some money while still studying. Mostly, the money that a student’s earns from such programs goes directly to his/her school account. Depending on your institution, you can be allowed to withdraw part of the money you’ve earned from such a program. However,  in some cases, the money can’t be withdrawn.  Whichever the case, such programs are very beneficial to a student who wants to raise money for tuition fee.  You can check if your learning institution has a work-study program and if they do and you are eligible, go ahead and apply for it.

Besides being an avenue to earn money toward your education, a work-study program can help you to develop important life skills which you’ll use and benefit from while in school and even after completing your studies.  If you are lucky to be assigned a position within your field of study, it’ll be a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience.  Better still, the exposure gives you a golden chance to create and build connections with faculty and staff members.  The connections can be very helpful as you shape your future career.  Although the money you’ll earn from the program might not be enough to cater for your tuition fee fully, it’ll cover a significant part of the required amount.

  • External part-time job

In case you aren’t eligible for work-study, that should not be the end of the road.  You can look for another job that you can do when you are not in class.  For instance, you can look for online jobs for college students.  From tutoring and dog walking to virtual office assistants, there many online jobs that a student can qualify. Head to websites like Fiverr, Upwork, QuadJobs and WayUp and search for jobs which can do when you aren’t in class.

  • Apply for private scholarships

From non-profit organizations to community groups, sources of private scholarships are many. Possibly your school has one too; just ask around to confirm. Also, search online for the scholarships for which you might be eligible. Relevant platforms like Scholly and NextGenVest could be of great help.

scholoarship application
  • Crowdfunding

Another way is to request people to fund your education through the internet through crowdfunding sites such as Gofundme. These sites reach a large number of people and a small amount of donation from each can go a long way to offsetting your tuition fees. Some crowdfunding sites such as Gofundme are donation-based while others are loan-based. Try the former first because the money you’ll get from such sites is non-repayable.

  • Student loan

Have you already applied for scholarships, grants, work-study program or part-time jobs in vain? Or is the amount you’re getting from the avenues insufficient for your tuition fees? Don’t worry; you can look for a student loan. Let loan this be the last option though because the money you’ll be given won’t be for free; you are required to pay it back with time. 

You can get the loan from the federal government or a private lender if you meet their requirements. However, the former is better than the latter because its interest is lower and offers more borrower protections. The advantage of a student loan is that it is not issued on the basis of the income level of the applicant. As long as you have successfully submitted the free application for federal student aid (FAFSA) form, you should be able to borrow. Alternatively, you can ask your parents to apply for you a student loan known as PLUS loan. This loan allows parents to borrow for their children’s college fees.

Just like any other loan, student loans have limits, depending on the different financial needs of the applicants. You can get a financial aid award letter from your school, college or university to know the amount of the loan you are allowed to borrow in a year.

Having explored all or some of the above avenues, you should be able to fully raise your tuition fees within a year.